BBox 1

We take a practical approach to learning electronics and start with the basics with this level 1 kit. We learn about different components and build 24 circuits for a hands-on approach.


BBox 1 contains everything you need to get started with over 500 different items ranging from resistors, capacitors, sensors etc. Start with the basics and work your way up to learning about logic gates which prepares you for level 2 (BBox 2) where we build projects using digital electronics and integrated circuits.

Component Information

We learn how the different components work and use them build practical circuits which gives us a better understanding of the circuit elements – without endless theory.

Circuit Simulations

It is important to understand how the circuit works and what the different components are responsible for, which is why we simulate most of the circuits and sections that make up the circuits.

Reference Booklet

The BBox 1 contains a reference booklet which has all the information needed to quickly build the circuit – along with component pin-outs and links for further information.

Breadboard Layout

The booklets also contain verified breadboard layouts to guide you through the building process. You can wire a circuit in many different ways, but this gives you a basic starting point which is useful if you’re just starting out.


Here’s a list of the supporting material that will help you get started with electronics. Use this as a starting point along with the reference booklet present in the BBox 1.