Computer Control Using Gestures & Touch Input

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This is a demo project for the new Piksey Atto. We use the TTP224 touch IC and the APDS-9960 gesture module to control a computer. We upload a sketch to the Atto which makes it act like a USB keyboard and it then sends the appropriate keycodes depending on the input. Since this is a custom project, there is not much to document here but I will provide a bit of information and list out the relevant links to material that you will need to build this.

The video above gives you an overview of how it all comes together and I would recommend you watch that for more details and a proper explanation of how everything works.

Step 1: Gather the Components


The first thing you need for this build is the PCB. You can obtain the design files for it using the link below:

You will also need the following components/modules:

4x 22pF, 0603, 10V capacitors
1x 10K 0603 resistor
1x TTP224B-BSBN Touch IC
1x Piksey Atto
1x APDS-9960 gesture module (5V version from Adafruit)

This project can also be replicated using the Arduino Leonardo, though it isn’t as compact as the Atto.

Step 2: Assemble the Board

Assembled Board

You will then need to solder the components to the board and I would recommend starting with the touch IC. Solder one pin first to keep it in place and then solder the remaining pins. Do the same when soldering the capacitors, resistor and Atto.

If you decide to add the gesture module then you will need to solder wires to the power pins and also the I2C pins.

Step 3: Upload & Test the Sketch

Once assembled, you need to upload the sketch to the board. Please watch the video to get an understanding of how the code works and also how you can update the sketches to suit your requirements. You can download the sketches using the following link:

In order to upload the sketch, simply connect the board to your computer by using a microUSB cable, select Arduino Leonardo as the board, select the correct COM port and then hit the upload button. Place your finger on the capacitive touch pads and this should trigger the shortcuts.