Transistor Siren PCB Kit – B1P18

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The Kickstarter edition of BBox 1 contains two addition PCB kits and we will look at the first one in this video.

The first kit is a PCB siren, which is the same as project 18 so we will not be covering the theory again. You should have received a document which explains the working of the circuit as well.

To assemble the kit, you will need a soldering iron and some solder with flux core at the very minimum. If you’ve never soldered before then please make sure you tin the tip of the iron.

You can do this by wrapping some solder around the tip when cold and then switching it ON while still applying solder as it melts. Also, make sure you heat both the component lead as well as the PCB pad for best results.

Let’s quickly assemble the transistor siren circuit. Please ensure you mount the electrolytic capacitors with the right polarity.

You need to connect the battery to the screw terminals shown here and the speaker to the other terminals. I’m using a 9V battery here. When you press the switch, the siren should rise and it should fall when you let go of the switch.

Let’s build the other solar power kit in the next post.

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