USB Power Hub for DIY Projects

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This USB power hub that can be used to power passive devices like DIY projects and provides up to 3A of current.

Step 1: Watch The Video

This is a very simple DIY build but the video above talks about the choice of the voltage regulator (linear vs switching) used for this project and it also goes over the enclosure details. I’d recommend watching it to get a better understanding of how it all comes together.

Step 2: Gather The Electronics

Components/Modules Required

We need the following electronics to build this project:

  • 1x LM2596 DC-DC power module
  • 4x USB Type A breakout boards
  • 1x DC power connector
  • 1x DC power adaptor – 9V or above

Step 3: Connect & Adjust The Output Voltage

Ensure Output Voltage Is Set to 5V

We start by wiring the DC connector to the input of the LM2596 module. Keep a note of the polarity and then connect the power adaptor. The blue light should start glowing. Use a screwdriver to adjust the trim-pot and set the voltage to 5V.

Step 4: Decide On The Enclosure

Check Component Placement

We then need to wire the USB breakout boards to the power module but before we do this, decide on the enclosure so that you can use the correct wire lengths. I designed a custom enclosure that holds all the electronics in a tight space, which is what I was going for.

Here’s the link to the model:

Step 5: Complete The Wiring & Test

Wire All USB Boards
Wire The Power Module
Check Voltage Output At All Ports

Then, wire up all the USB boards with the correct wire lengths. Then, power on the module and make sure you have 5V across all the USB ports with the correct polarity.

Step 6: Add The Electronics To The Enclosure & Seal

Glue All The Electronics In Place
Check That There Are No Shorts

The next step is to add the electronics to the enclosure and seal it. I used hot glue to hold all the electronics in position. I then used the top half to close it. The enclosure should fit snugly as it has a lip and groove feature if not, you can also apply some glue before closing it.

Step 7: Use It & Share

Final Build
Split USB Cables
Project Cost

This is a handy power hub that I will be using frequently. I’ve added the approximate cost breakdown in case you need it. You can also add the split USB cables as seen above to power a total of 8 USB devices.

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