Water Level Indicator Circuit – B1P13

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We built a simple water detector circuit in the previous video and we can replicate this circuit to build a water level indicator.

Say you had a water tank and you connected three probes at different heights with the common probe at the bottom. As the water level rises, it would trigger or switch ON the corresponding transistors and this can be used as a very simple water level indicator.

Let’s build this circuit and test it.

The circuit is the same as the previous one but we have 2 additional probe points.

One more application of this would be a tilt sensor. Say you inserted a probe point into a small container which has some water. The LED would be off as long as the container is held upright, but it would switch ON when the container is tilted because the water would come in contact with the probe point.

It’s now time to build a slightly more complicated circuit that can be used as a soil moisture detector.

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